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Poems November 21, 2009

Posted by Sam Borger in 1.

I have discovered a new kind of poetry that I really like. I have actually started writing poetry. If you know me you might think I’m crazy. Here is a sample.
Sitting on my porch
Drinking hot coffee
Warming my soul with the drink of life
I feel alive and renewed after a night of restlessness
Listening to the crickets chirp
The birds sing soaring melodies
The dew on the grass is fresh
All of a sudden there is blackness
My eyes open and I see my ceiling
I get up to a beautiful day
~Samuel Borger

Prison of Cramming
The last period of the day
In 40 min I will be on break for a week
Oh how the minutes drag on and on
It seems like it will be forever before I’m released for this prison
I can feel the teacher cramming my brain with knowledge
Jumping on it to make more room
What use is knowledge?
I aspire to be a janitor so I don’t have to go to college
Sitting in my seat listening to my brain explode with knowledge
My ears are full of it
The horrid stuff
The bell rings
I’m free for the prison I have been released
I go home slowly but surely forgetting everything that I have “learned”
Sewing back together my head
~Samuel Borger



1. toddborger - December 8, 2009

Hey Sam. I haven’t been on my blog in a while so I did not notice you had posted until today. I like your poems. I enjoyed the first more than the second. But bother were good. Do you dream about coffee? Sometimes I do, too.

2. Devi - December 19, 2009

Hi Sam, remember me?
I do like your poems! You have grown to be a very eloquent young man. Keep them coming! Btw, I dream about coffee too sometimes, not because I drink it but the place (ie. Blue Lotus).

samuelborger - August 29, 2010

I have dreams about coffee to

3. Mary Creighton - August 10, 2010

I really like your poems, Samuel and would love to see more.

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